Dear Visitor, it is my pleasure to ensure that the WMO Advisory Panel 2017 / 2018 once again gathers some of the most talented individuals in the field. I am personally honored to call these outstanding professionals part of the executive core team of the World Mediation Organization. A wide range of competence, expertise, and professional visions could be gathered in order to improve to effectiveness of our projects. Trans-continental conflict insights and points of view do now join one common action plan having the longterm target to equip future generations with social competences and global understanding that may prevent structural violence and escalated armed conflict.

Investing in education today, may lead to more harmonious co-existence tomorrow. Only by joining forces, we will be able to lead this silent process of restructuring society from a grass-roots to the top-dog level, while getting rid of the oppressor’s control. Going one step ahead, we need your assistance by supporting our crowd-funding based free training in Mediation, Critical Thinking and Conflict Resolution Competencies that will be available in 30 languages. Become a listed Supporter of Global Peace.

Alternatively, if you are a professional from this field, you may not hesitate in becoming listed WMO Fellow Mediator who shares first hand conflict insights and reports that are not controlled by mass-media tycoons.

Be safe, be real, be happy.

Daniel Erdmann


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