Dear Contributor to Global Peace, thank you for your interest in supporting the creation of the Free Training in Awareness Raising, Conflict Management, and Critical Thinking. We are planing to finalize and to translate a corresponding text body into 30 languages and to offer it for free. It is our vision to equip as many persons as possible with social skills that enable them to evaluate and to analyse threatening situations and to make them find life saving and sustainable solutions.

In order to realize this amazing global project, we strictly need your active support. Operating strictly independent, allows us to work due to our proper understanding and to act in the fastest and most focussed way possible. As previously mentioned in our Mission Statement , our current global situation finds itself on a too critical and escalated level. We need to initiate a change now! Best, starting today …

What we need nowadays is transparency and global participation in order to initiate a global change. Due to our constant globalization, we all are becoming powerful participants, facing challenges like understanding the sustainability of our ecological footprint, etc.

In order to decipher this complex globalization and its constant conflicts, the World Mediation Organization worked on a newly developed and interdisciplinary online course that will introduce to mankind of all educational levels the tools of Critical Thinking, Applied Mediation, and Conflict Resolution Skills in order to initiate a global healing and deradicalization process.

The world that we are living in seems to be misbalanced, chaotic, and highly complex. People are more likely guided by commercials, filtered news data that spread biased information, and model lifestyles that should be follow up on. In order to enable mankind to break free of this concept of structured social abuse, we see the necessity to offer a program that raise the awareness towards proper social skills such a critical thinking, conflict healing, managing diversity, discovering the value of a proper point of view, etc.

Summing it up:

As we are talking about such an important topic, we want this training to be free of charge and available in 30 languages. The created and translated versions will be available on our website.

Please check the daily news, as the headlines will confirm that we strictly need such a First Aid Project.

Yes, mankind needs your help, and you are able to actively engage in the process of sharing urgent information with people all over the globe. If you want to show your children, your friends or the world that you stand in for a change, than we welcome you to participate and to support this project.

In order to show our appreciation, we will add your name to our website and you will be part of a fascinating project, of a global change movement, and of the WMO Peace Contributor’s Corps. Please follow this link to start the process …

We express our gratitude to the WMO Peace Contributors: Federico Antich, Charlie LaFond, Colleen Packer, Eunmi Pang, Peter R. Singer

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