Legal Credits

Use of the WMO emblem in a publication: WMO’s emblem is part of the Organization’s intellectual property and may not be used by others without express written permission. In addition to being an identifier of the Organization, the WMO emblem represents the Organization’s official seal. As such, it implies endorsement by WMO of the material it is used in conjunction with.

Since the use of the WMO emblem implies endorsement by WMO, it may be used on publications (print, electronic or web) only with express permission, only if WMO has been involved in preparing the text or in funding the publication (or the work on which it is based), and only so long as the text is consistent with WMO’s policies and priorities. The WMO emblem should not be used in association with advertising or with the names of proprietary products.

The use of the WMO emblem as an illustration (for instance, in a magazine article about WMO) is often not appropriate since some readers may interpret it as indicating endorsement. Journalists and other writers are encouraged to use other illustrations (such as photographs) that draw attention to WMO’s work. Similarly, the use of the WMO emblem on non-WMO websites is normally not allowed since its use could be misconstrued as WMO endorsement of the non-WMO site.

Legal representation of WMO: The World Mediation Organization – Daniel Erdmann does not have any legal or regional representative(s) with administrative, educative, or signing authority. All communication and transaction of course fees has to be done directly and only with the Director Mr. Daniel Erdmann.

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